Should You Hire A DUI Lawyer? Things That You Should Know

DUI Pennsylvania Sign.Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can attract jail time or fine if you are found guilty. The actual penalty will depend on the state law. However, the first time offenders can be punished by up to six months in jail but the jail time can be increased under special occasions such as if the offender alcohol content was very high at the time of arrest. Most states also require a minimum jail time of several days in case of a first time offender. In DUI cases where the driver is a repeat offender, it is not uncommon for the driver to be jailed for several years.

In addition to the jail sentence, a driver if found guilty can also be imposed a hefty fine that ranges from $500 to as high as $2000. The offender’s driving license can also be suspended for a substantial time. In most states, the first time offender’s license is suspended for 90 days while that of second time offender is suspended for up to one year while that of a third time offender can be suspended for up to three years. Refusal to take a breath, a blood, or urine test can also lead to license suspension irrespective of whether you are found guilty or innocent. In some states, the car can be confiscated either temporary or permanently to keep the repeat offender from driving. The judge can also issue other forms of punishment such as community service or to take part in teaching and prevention programs.

Top reasons why you need a DUI lawyer

Although some individuals choose to represent themselves especially when they want to plead guilty, hiring an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer comes with many benefits. An experienced lawyer fully understands how the court system works, has the ability to navigate the complex administration, and has a deep knowledge of plea bargain details, which is essential especially if you are a repeat offender. While it is not necessary to have a DUI lawyer for a first time offender who may choose to plead guilty, consulting an attorney before pleading guilty is considered a wise decision.

If your DUI case does not have any aggravating circumstances such as high blood alcohol content or the  presence of a minor in the vehicle, you can proceed without a DUI lawyer. However, if your case has one or more aggravating circumstances such as reckless driving, you should avoid pleading guilty without consulting a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will help you understand the fines and penalties that you will be subjected to if you make a guilty plea, and thus, make an informed decision. The attorney will also review your case to determine if the severity of your case can be reduced and thus, better plea bargain your case.

In addition to plea bargaining, the lawyer can also help you in sentence bargaining. In DUI cases where a guilty plea can result in a long period of incarceration, understanding sentence bargaining is essential. In some cases, you may not want to plead guilty unless you are completely sure of the sentence that you will get. An experienced lawyer will bargain on your behalf to make sure that you get the least penalty or fine possible. Furthermore, if it is not your first DUI case, you will most likely need the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is also a good decision if you have a fighting chance. For example, if you were not in control of your car when the officer approached you or you can prove that you had not been drinking prior to the time you were stopped.


A DUI case can have an immediate impact on your life. It would not only affect your driving privileges but it can also affect your employment and even mean possible jail time. To increase your chances of winning the case, you should hire the best-qualified lawyer. You should ensure that the lawyer is highly educated and in good standing with the state bar. You should also ensure that the lawyer specializes in DUI cases. Once you find the best DUI lawyer, you should provide the Los Angeles DUI lawyer with all facts about your case. You should furnish the lawyer with all details about your case including all the related documents. You should not assume anything about your case as failure to disclose important facts about your case early enough can negatively affect your case. You should also ensure that the lawyer has good communication skills.

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