Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga on night patrol after Erbil airport attack


Iraqi and Iraqi Kurdish forces are working together in disputed territories to find militants responsible for attacks, including one at Erbil airport last weekend.

Iraqi and Iraqi Kurdish forces are patrolling the country’s disputed territories at night after a drone attack on Erbil airport last weekend, security officials said.

Two drones loaded with explosives were used to attack the airport, which houses an air base for the US-led international coalition.

Saturday night’s attack prompted lawmakers to call for increased cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil.

Joint patrol has operated all day, but their activities increase at night, military official said The New Arabic Arabic-speaking brother site Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

Ayoub Al-Rubaie, member of the Iraqi parliament’s security committee, said: “A joint intelligence chamber has been formed between Baghdad and Erbil, represented by the army and the peshmerga, to track down wanted people and dismantle the cells. dormant extremist groups. “

It was formed “in light of the current security challenges in Iraq,” Al-Rubaie said.

Control of parts of northern and western Iraq is disputed between the Iraqi federal government and the authority of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The dispute has resulted in a lack of security coordination in these areas.

ISIS and Iranian-backed militias were able to carry out attacks from these disputed territories.

Both groups are using the area to fire at foreign diplomatic and military targets, including the Erbil Airport Air Base.


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