Iraqi forces foil bomb attack on US-led coalition convoy


There have been several attempts to bomb US-led coalition convoys in Iraq this month. Tensions are mounting in the country as the withdrawal of American troops approaches.

US-led coalition is deployed in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS in region [Getty]

Iraqi security forces thwarted another attack on a convoy belonging to the US-led World Coalition on Sunday, local media reported.

Security services detonated two roadside bombs located near al-Hillah on the highway to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, which targeted a coalition convoy, a security service source told the. Iraq. Shafaq News Agency.

Roadside attacks on the US-led coalition have escalated in recent weeks as the planned withdrawal of US troops from Iraq approaches.

Iraqi security forces on Thursday avoided an attempted bombing of a convoy in southern Iraq. On December 5, a roadside bomb targeted a coalition convoy with no casualties.

The Global Coalition Against Daesh (the Arabic acronym for ISIS) was deployed in Iraq and Syria to defeat the militant extremist group, which declared an Islamic caliphate in 2014. The coalition included around 2,500 US troops who are expected to join forces. withdraw from Iraq at the end of this year.

But pro-Iranian political factions in Iraq have repeatedly expressed skepticism about Washington’s intention to withdraw its troops. The United States has already announced that some troops will remain in Iraq to “advise and train” the Iraqi security forces, and that they will continue to bombard ISIS.

Pro-Iranian factions have expressed their opposition to this and are believed to be behind a series of recent attacks on US troops and Iraqi government figures, including an attempted assassination of the Iraqi prime minister. beginning of November.


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