Iraqi forces take full control of the Anbar Desert


Al-Anbar’s operations command in Iraq said the country’s armed forces had finally succeeded in gaining complete control of the Al-Anbar desert.

Lt. Gen. Nasser Al-Ghannam, commander of Anbar operations, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “the Anbar desert is vast and extensive and has surrounded the province and extends to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. border “, adding that” it was the scene of activities of terrorist groups. But currently, there are no Daesh terrorist elements in the Al-Anbar desert. ”

According to the report, the commander announced that Iraqi forces had succeeded in taking full control of the Al-Anbar desert after clearing it of the remnants of Daesh terrorist elements.

“During their last operation against the Takfiri remnants in the Al-Anbar desert, Iraqi army forces destroyed a number of vehicles and captured others. They also demolished dens of terrorist groups in the desert areas of Hussainiyat, which were previously considered dangerous but are now fully under control and safe, ”he said.

Iraqi army forces continued their round of counterterrorism operations in different parts of the country to rid its areas of the remains of Daesh terrorists.


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