Liz Cheney isn’t the hero Democrats think she is

Liz Cheney may well run for president; this should horrify the liberals who, on the contrary, beam proudly before their adoptive and conservative daughter.

Cheney is about to lose his seat in the House. Polls indicate that Cheney is seriously behind in Wyoming’s GOP primary. Yet Cheney remains in an advantageous position, in which a loss is not necessarily a loss. By losing, Cheney will become a true martyr. She will be portrayed as the rare GOP politician who had the guts to risk it all and stand up to Trump — losing her job in the process. Left-wingers and moderates, still so obsessed with Trump that they consider any challenge to Trump sufficient to absolve all sins, will rally more to Cheney’s cause despite his deeply conservative ideology. So, by dying by his own sword, Cheney could lose Wyoming’s most conservative voters — and gain a broader national support group.

John Harris, founding editor of POLITICO, believes Cheney might be able to go from a defeat in Congress to a presidential campaign. ” In a few days, [Cheney] will deliver the most important speech of his career to date,” Harris wrote. “Rhetorically, the mission is clear: accept defeat while looking like a winner. Specifically, Cheney must point out that losing her seat at Wyoming House in a GOP primary is by no means the end of her career, but the beginning of a new phase in which she intends to be one of the most important people in America. political life. She must invite the public to imagine that they are not listening to a future congresswoman, but rather a possible future president.

Harris isn’t the only one proposing a Cheney presidential run. CNN politician Chris Cillizza asked last fall “Is Liz Cheney going to run for president?” Cillizza believed that Cheney was fueling speculation that she might run for president. “Cheney has left the door wide open to run for president in 2024. ‘I’m not ruling anything out, it’s always a long time,'” she told the New York Post.

What is so concerning about Harris and Cillizza’s assessments is that they are devoid of criticism. Rather the opposite. “Cheney did not back down from Trump’s bluster,” Cillizza wrote. “What Cheney may be betting on is that she will emerge in GOP circles as the one who slew the dragon Trump – walking and talking proves that standing up to the former president doesn’t have to be a death knell for an elected Republican.

Liz Cheney’s embrace from the left is a direct result of fixing so directly on Donald Trump. The left, for whom politics begins and ends with Trump, is all-in with Cheney simply because it stood up to Trump. Cillizza, operating with CNN’s massive platform, is a good example. Mother Jonesone of the nation’s most trusted progressive publications, recently named Liz Cheney one of its hero of 2021. The LA Times named Cheney one of its hero July 4 (alongside Cassidy Hutchinson). NPR and MSNBC happily and steadily amplify Cheney’s message.

The reasons for Cheney’s hug from the left are obvious; she validates what they’ve been saying for years, that Trump is the biggest threat to democracy — and she does it with the credibility of a hard-line conservative. The problem is that by embracing and promoting Cheney because of his Never Trump stance, the left is elevating its general ideology – which is mostly repugnant.

Political scientist Lawrence R. Jacobs once said, “Cheney is an arch-conservative. It’s a tough little government, with low taxes and a strong voice in national defense. Journalist Jake Bernstein agreed, stating that “Liz Cheney is a true conservative in every sense of the word and she is only moderate in relation to the radicalism that has gripped the Republican Party”.

Without a doubt, Cheney is a neoconservative hawk. She was opposed to Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was of course a twenty-year war that his father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, had helped start; she even continued to promote the idea that there was a connection between Al-Qaeda and Iraq – the falsified pretext on which Dick Cheney built the invasion of Iraq; she voted against repealing the 2002 military force authorization – another unfortunate holdover from the Bush-Cheney years; she supported the use of torture; it opposes the policy of non-first use of nuclear power; she opposed JCPOA. Liz Cheney is her father’s daughter.

Cheney’s problematic record extends beyond foreign policy. During Cheney’s 2013 Senate campaign, she opposed same-sex marriage, distancing herself from her lesbian sister Mary (later Liz retracted). Cheney also refused to expose the “birther” conspiracy that claimed Barack Obama was not born in America (and which marked Donald Trump’s entry into the political arena).

The left would do well to realize that Cheney’s challenge to Trump will no longer be relevant once she is in the Ring. Although, as president, Cheney would dictate US foreign policy – ​​a horrible premise.

Harrison Kass is the editor of 19FortyFive. A lawyer, pilot, guitarist and minor professional hockey player, he joined the US Air Force as a trainee pilot, but was discharged for medical reasons. Harrison holds a BA from Lake Forest College, a JD from the University of Oregon, and an MA from New York University. He lives in Oregon and listens to Dokken. Follow him on Twitter @harrison_kass.

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